This Custom Black Hawk Jeep is Better Than the Original

This Custom Black Hawk Jeep is Better Than the Original
March 8, 2017 Michael Vane

This Custom Black Hawk Jeep is Better Than the Original

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Chelsea Truck Co. has gone above and beyond offering exterior upgrades to customise the style and shape of vehicles. The Sydney-based customiser has launched the Black Hawk, a Jeep that marries military-inspired British style with iconic American engineering, with every piece tailor-made and precisely engineered. To create the Black Hawk, the Chelsea Truck Co. team went back to the drawing board, reimagining each aspect of the vehicle from the ground up. Working with a direct supply of new vehicles from Jeep, they created an innovative design, while perfectly integrating with the vehicle’s existing aesthetics.

The Black Hawk Boasts a wide body kit and widened wheel arches. A redesigned four slot grille and front bumper assembly bring an unparalleled visual presence. Details such as a vented Iron Man bonnet, door entry sill plates and crosshair exhaust system portray the rugged features of the vehicle. Plus a choice of purpose designed Kahn wheels and exclusive colour schemes to further personalise the beast.

Only 49 vehicles will be built in each particular colour scheme, making every Black Hawk a rare and collectable creation. Available solely from the Chelsea Truck Company and selected partners.

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