This Guy Hit Up NYC’s Most Dangerous Neighbourhoods Wearing a Romper

Bravery comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a spur-of-the-moment act of heroism that saves a life. Other times it’s speaking out against an evil, in the face of persecution. Others risk their lives on a daily basis to keep society safe. This guy, however, is our hero du jour.

Rocking a romper isn’t the stupidest idea ever. They’re about as much comfort as you can get for a summer day of sinking tins in the sun somewhere (preferably some sort of three day festival situation), they’re practical(ish) and they look bloody terrific. Walking through Washington Heights in one, half-unbuttoned? Well…. You be the judge.

nyc romper men wearing different dress

A campaign launched on Kickstarter last month to bring back the male romper (aptly dubbed the ‘Romphim’) almost broke the internet. It’s currently sitting at over $350k after aiming for a $10k goal, with one week left to pledge, though you can also head over to Romphim’s website and buy direct.


nyc romper men sitting

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