Tri Nguyen aka Tri.Edition on Melbourne Style

Tri Nguyen is one of the many style-conscious men of Instagram making waves on social media. Melbourne and Sydney have long been at each others’ throats in many a debate. Whether it’s who has the best coffee (obviously Sydney bee tee dubs), who has the best nightlife (Melbs, you’ll always win), or where you’d rather spend a summer (I think we all know the answer there), the tale of two cities has always been an amicable competition of equal input.

But then there’s the one coin-toss that Melbourne have been consistently winning – the style department. Perhaps it’s the fact that the colder weather means more layers and more opportunity to show off an excellent wardrobe. Or perhaps it’s the inspiration the crowds draw from the fashion bloggers who call Melbourne home. Whatever it is, they’re a dapper bunch in Vic.

One such blogger is Tri Nguyen. The law-student-cum-blogger has developed a niche crew of followers for his chic Melbourne looks and crafty use of European-influenced menswear to hone his own brand of image. We chatted with Tri about suiting, burgers and Jane Bond.

tri nguyen tri edition gentleman

What’s the best tip for buying a good suit?
It may sound cliché but definitely pick a suit that looks great on you and not out of a catalogue. Like anything else, it has to be the right colour and material and, above all, it must fit well.

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
The best career advice I’ve ever received was: “There is more than one way to achieve your goals”. If your current path is not right for you or it is not meeting much success, it doesn’t mean your goal is impossible to reach. You would have to sit down and think about what other methods are available for you

Favourite sunglasses at the moment?
At the moment, I am really into the steampunk sunglasses! They certainly add a very edgy character to any outfit.

tri nguyen tri edition man wearing glass

What would be your last meal – if you could choose?
I’m quite a fan of burgers so, as my last meal, it would be the 777 burger ($777) at Le Burger Brasserie in Las Vegas!

Backgammon or dominos?
I’ve never played either so that is a hard choice! Can I add poker to the list?

What’s the best book ever written?
That is a very tough question because there are so many amazing books out there! Hm…the first book that comes to my mind would be The Da Vinci Code.  

tri nguyen tri edition men wearing black dress

What’s cinema’s most stylish character?
Eggsy (Kingsman). During the most of the movie his street wear was just dripping swag! Then his transition to bespoke suits was immaculate – come on, who wouldn’t want a bulletproof suit and an umbrella-gun?!

Tell us about a role model and why they inspire you.
One of my role models is Yohji Yamamoto. He kept his fashion identity for over 3 decades and have not wavered. He never let “trends” bother him or influence his work, and kept producing work that is true to himself.

tri nguyen tri edition men sitting

Who’s going to be the next James Bond?
Honestly, I have no idea who would make a great future Bond. But, I would love to see a female Bond.

What’s your spirit animal?
The snake.

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