The North Face x Gucci Collaboration Defines Maximalist Outerwear

Celebrating the themes of adventure and self-exploration, The North Face x Gucci is a pioneering partnership in outerwear. The collaboration takes each of the brands most notable characteristics and presents them in all the expert maximalist outerwear goodness you’d expect.  This extravagant cross-category collection for both men and women includes ready-to-wear, soft accessories, luggage and shoes, as well as some unexpected pieces that connect the outdoor world of The North Face, such as tents and sleeping bags. ‘Glamping’ is surely an understatement.

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The Collaboration

In its first collaboration under the helm of Alessandro Michele, the collection features all the maximalist gorpy goodness you’d expect. The palette has a focus on traditional and experimental colours. The result is a collection that is far more runway-ready than many other high-fashion ‘performance’ collaborations. Staple Gucci florals bring a reminder to the collection’s intended environment, while the tonal hues and prints recall The North Face garments from the 1970s.

The collection plays with the Gucci monogram, a famous print that adorns the collections jackets, backpacks, skirts, and bucket hats. There is even a new The North Face x Gucci logo which incorporates The North Face’s three curved lines and the famous green-red-green Gucci Web stripe.

The North Face is no stranger to high-profile collaborations, but Gucci might be their biggest client yet. A big statement considering the brand’s long-standing history with streetwear powerhouse Supreme.

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An Exercise in Sustainability

Surprising might be the word that comes to mind when looking to describe the collaboration, but in reality, that is far from the truth. While the brands operate in their own field of expertise they both stand to reduce environmental waste, making strides throughout the collaboration. Both brands have made moves to reduce their environmental impact in the last six months.

Gucci released them “Off the Grid” collection, and The North Face have utilised ECONYL, a nylon fabric made from regenerated materials that can be found throughout this collaboration. Packaging for the pieces even come in vibrant pink boxes that feature The North Face X Gucci logo.

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The Products

Materials synonymous with The North Face grace the catalogue. Including goose-feathered down coats, a bomber, and vest, extending to shirts, skirts and jumpsuits. Original The North Face designs from the 1970s are brought back to life with Gucci floral prints and bright colours. The collection serves as more than just an exercise in outwear. It offers a number of summer-ready pieces, including a silk-twill bowling set that might be our favourite piece of the collection.

Not one to be shown up, the collaboration includes luggage. On offer is eight new graphic patterns, all of which feature bright colours and a number of Gucci House motifs. Two new backpacks and two belt bags are finished in the exclusive print, you won’t be hard to spot! There is a dome-shaped medium backpack, hiking backpack with its multiple pockets and a small and large belt bag to round out the luggage choices. All of which come in a variety of collection exclusive prints.

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The collaboration will be available at a Pop-Up Store in Chadstone, Melbourne from Friday 8th January and the Sydney Flagship Store from Saturday 9th January. It will release on January 9th at Gucci stores in Berlin, Paris, Milan, and London. Online purchasing will open for raffle winners on January 22 online at Gucci and The North Face.

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