Save $30 on these Organic Cotton Chinos for Just $68

Nothing breathes like cotton, just ask George Constanza after he issued the Yankee baseball players with brand new cotton uniforms in Seinfeld’s 87th episode titled The Chaperone.

If you want to experience the breathability and comfort of cotton clothing then head on over to Bonobos to save US$30 on these Organic Cotton Chinos for just US$68.

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Available in a range of different colours from Khaki, Blue, Green and Black, these stretch cotton chinos are certain to up your style and comfort thanks to its durable organic cotton canvas. Already broken in, these chinos will get you strutting your stuff without chaffing or any tightness around the waist.

Depending on your form and function, these organic chinos can be purchased in a range of styles, including Skinny, Slim, Athletic, or if you need the perfect fit, a tailored version is also available for something in between slim and skinny.

Each pair of chinos come with Bonobos classic logo on the front button, along with floral printed pocketing for that little extra something.

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Suitable for work, leisure or pleasure, these Organic Cotton Chinos from Bonobo is the perfect gift or purchase for anyone with legs. With over 100 reviews at a 4.2-star rating, you know these pants are going to last, so what are you waiting for, buy a pair or two now. Just make sure to follow all instructions when washing your cotton chinos, you don’t want them to shrink!

To get your legs into a new pair of Chinos, visit Bonobos’ online store while they’re still available.

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