Airtame 2.0 Has Landed

For all you Airtame fans out there, the brand recently announced its biggest update yet. Dubbed Airtame 2.0, the improved tech delivers better streaming, customisable backgrounds, more dashboards, a pin code connection, guide mode, single window sharing, and access to an upcoming cloud platform. The best part? You don’t need to buy a new device in order to reap all these benefits. Instead, you can update your existing unit, and consider yourself good to go.

airtame 2.0 hdmi display adapter

For those playing catch up, Airtame is a wireless HDMI display adapter, which plugs into the HDMI port of any screen or projector, and thereby shares content from your computer or mobile device. As such, it’s the perfect technological resource for boardroom presentations, binge sessions, and everything in between. Now, thanks to Airtame 2.0, the streaming media player is better than ever before.

airtame 2.0 dashboard

Not only is Airtame 2.0 wireless, but it’s compatible with any device running on any platform. Yes, that includes iPad, iPhone, and Android, which connect by way of Airplay or a special app. Furthermore, even when Airtame 2.0 isn’t being used, it puts a swath of custom digital signage up on your dashboard. Upgrade today, say goodbye to cables, and prepare for some steady streaming.

Check it out

airtame 2.0 wireless hdmi connection

airtame 2.0 external port connector

airtame 2.0 on the wall