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LG’s 2022 TV Lineup: Changes, Processor, Sizes, Quality

Back and better than ever, LG’s 2022 television lineup reads on paper as something more of a facelift and upgrade than a full-blown lifecycle change, but if the brand’s reputation as best in the TV game is anything to go by, the lineup is sure to build on its industry-leading technology with a few key performance upgrades. Unveiling its latest TV lineup prior to CES 2022, the motto stays the same internally, with the company offering the very best when it comes to imaging technologies with an improved webOS interface, smart features and services designed to elevate your viewing experience. Let’s check out the upgrades.

2022 oled evo g2 on wall

Image: LG

LG OLED Gets a Refresh

  • Introduces a new 83-inch model and the world’s first 97-inch OLED model.
  • LG C2 series offers a diverse selection of screen sizes with a total of six for 2022.
  • World’s first 42-inch OLED TV, ideal for console and PC gaming.
  • OLED Evo technology is featured in both G2 and select C2 series.
  • Powered by the new LG α (Alpha) 9 Gen 5 intelligent processor.
  • Brightness Booster on G2 series TVs to deliver more brightness through improved heat dissipation and algorithms.

Nine years and counting, LG has been the industry leader when it comes to picture quality and the OLED screen is to thank for it. You probably know the deal by now, but OLED allows each individual pixel to turn off resulting in deeper and darker blacks that help the colour burst out from the screen. Backlight-free, OLED is thinner and lighter than most other display technologies, allowing for the creation of innovative form factors such as bendable and rollable TVs. Remember when we said it’s a ‘refresh’ more than a ‘redesign’? Well, here’s what’s changed on the inside and that’s really what matters.

Faster and Smarter Processor

Quality upscaling is the number one thing we look for when buying a new television. If the content you’re watching isn’t good enough for your TV, then what’s the point of having such a good TV? LG knows as much and has implemented the best upscaling on offer into their 2022 lineup. Introducing the α 9 Gen 5 processor that leverages deep learning to enhance upscaling performance and give onscreen images three-dimensional quality by making the foreground and background elements distinct from one another. With the new processor, you’ll also receive more lifelike audio and built-in speakers that produce virtual 7.1.2 surround sound.

Better User Experience

While the picture quality has never been an argument, LG’s operating systems have always felt a little lacklustre. The current UX was greatly improved, and in our eyes satisfactory, but the brand has gone back to the drawing board again and introduced webOS 22 with personal profiles so users can enjoy a customised viewing experience. Under each profile, you can set up fast access to your favourite streaming services, get tailored content recommendations based on viewing history and receive real-time alerts to keep up with your favourite sports teams. To make life even easier, logging into profiles can be performed either from the TV browser or from a smartphone with NFC Magic Tap. Genius.

This tap magic will also allow screen mirroring for Android users, and Room to Room share for viewing of cable or satellite content on another TV via Wi-Fi without an additional set-top box. Finally, you can turn the latest LG TVs into pieces of art with Always Ready being introduced for the first time for pictures, songs, and timekeeping when not in use. Upgraded LG ThinQ AI will also allow 2022 LG TVs to become smart home hubs.

2022 oled evo c2 42 inch

Image: LG OLED Evo C2 42 inch

Next-Gen Gaming

Designed to replace your gaming monitor altogether, the introduction of large format gaming panels became all the rage in 2021. What are basically shrunken TVs with greater performance, these displays offer all the accuracy, quality and speed of a dedicated monitor while offering better visuals thanks to a wider display.

The first brand to offer OLED TV support with NVIDIA G-SYNC and the first 8K OLED TV to demonstrate 8K gaming with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards, LG is leading the way in the space and isn’t looking to take its foot off the gas peddle anytime soon. New for 2022, fans can easily select and switch between game-specific features and display presets directly from the TV’s Game Optimiser menu. Here, the menu provides quick access to the new Dark Room Mode, which adjusts screen brightness for a better gaming experience when the lights are off. Settings for G-SYNC, FreeSync Premium and variable refresh rate (VRR) are easily accessible from Game Optimiser.

Extreme Colour Accuracy

Picture quality and upscaling are only complimented by the most accurate colour range in the industry. LG delivers once again with Intertek certified screens offering 100 per cent colour fidelity and 100 per cent colour volume. Regardless of how dark or bright the images might be, the screen will deliver accuracy beyond the naked eye with a flicker-free viewing experience certified by both TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratorie. Most importantly, its latest lineup offers the first TVs in the world that meet the low blue light emission requirement of Eyesafe, a U.S.-based health standards agency.

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To view the full lineup and range for yourself, keep your eyes peeled for the new LG 2022 TVs when they’re virtually exhibited at CES 2022 starting 08:00 PST on January 4 / 03:00 AEDT on January 5. Follow the link below to check it out!

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