Indochino Offer $100 of Free Tailoring if You’re Not Happy with Your Suit

The wait is finally over as Indochino made-to-measure suits are now available to purchase from within Australia. Technically Indochino has been serving this great southern land for over a decade, although buyers had to suffer through currency conversion, import fees and the gruelling wait for goods to be shipped across the globe. Not any more.

The official Indochino Australian website provides unrestricted access to hundreds of customisable suit and shirt fabrics, chinos, blazers, and sportscoats, minus the hassle. There’s even an Aussie toll-free number to call for support. Remember those?

made to measure suit

Indochino’s made to measure process works like this: Jump online and pick from a full selection of suits, shirts, outerwear and accessories to build your desired look. Indochino adds new designs every week, so your wardrobe can always be updated for every season or occasion. Then, get involved in the minor detailing like custom lining, collar materials and up to 40 character monogramming, all at no additional cost.

Follow the step-by-step video guide to set up your measurement profile. Indochino walks you through every detail, so you can be confident that it will get done right. The process takes less than 10 minutes, and you don’t need a tailor. That’s why Indochino suits are so affordable.

indochino suits in australia

Once your order is placed, the team goes through all your measurements to ensure that everything looks good. It’s worth mentioning that thanks to the millions of suits sold, Indochino was able to add artificial intelligence to its team capable of spotting errors within the measurements. Rest assured knowing that your outfit is not only designed by experts but also backed by science. If the result doesn’t meet expectations, get in touch via that toll-free number and Indochino promises to make it right.

Made-To-Measure suits fit better compared to generic off-the-rack suits. Furthermore, you generally look better and feel more confident when donning a suit that was made just for you.

We recommend you at least jump online and play around with the design tools to see what’s available. Then take advantage of the Indochino introductory offer of a $559 made-to-measure suit with free shipping across Australia.

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