Oculus Go VR Headset is An All-Inclusive Escape from Reality

Touted by Mark Zuckerberg as the “most accessible VR headset yet” in early October, the Oculus Go is gearing up to be just that. What makes the latest tech from industry leader Oculus so accessible? Namely, the fact that it operates as a standalone headset with no strings attached, and by “strings” we mean wires, PCs and smartphones alike. Consider it your all-inclusive fantasy ticket that’s not only endlessly reusable, but furthermore ready to activate whenever the desire strikes.

oculus go vr headset is an all inclusive escape

Oculus has had more than enough to time to work out any kinks in construction, and the Go VR Headset accordingly delivers a perfect fit by way of breathable fabrics and adjustable straps. The company is also claiming that the Go will employ their best lenses to date. That’s joined by integrated spatial audio, enhanced 3D graphics, 360 degree viewing and an ergonomic controller that fits in the palm of your hand. Over 1000 games (including Gear VR games) will be available for the Go, along with social apps and more.

oculus go headset enhanced 3d graphics

As if not already obvious, the new Oculus Go represents the brand aiming squarely for unfettered usability and even more mainstream appeal. Call it part of Zuckerberg and company’s mission to make virtual reality part of everyday reality. Between the standalone design and an expected price tag of about $199 USD, Oculus certainly makes the offer hard to refuse.

Check it out

oculus go headset a woman is playing 3d games

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